Legendary trains in India

Legendary trains in India

Legendary trains in India

India; a common destination of Opodo which is an online travel agency; is well known as a very big country with innumerable attractions that inspire a great number of annual visitors.

It has been noticed that train is one of the most popular means of transportation that allows to better experience the country. India's railway network is very extensive and the prices of travel are quite affordable. A variety of trains have worked along India's railways to ensure any kinds of transportation through the years.

Some legendary trains in India that may interest you

  •  Deccan queen

Deccan queen is a passenger train introduced on 1 June 1930 and which ensures the transportation between Mumbai and Pune. It is considered as among India's fastest and longest train services. The train has changed colors many times and it is currently colored in blue. This old Indian train has connected the two largest cities of India for about 88 years. 

  • Mumbai Rajdhani Express

Mumbai Rajdhani Express is a very high-speed train that has run Indian railways between Mumbai and New Delhi for about 42 years. Included in list of fastest trains of India, it has a very important place in the country's transportation. A new project is now planned to make about 500 km fencing to allow the train to reach up to 130 km/h while the current maximum speed is limited at 91. 

  • Karnataka express

This legendary train connects New Delhi and KSR Bengaluru through a distance of 2406 km, in Southwest India railways. This super-fast train is very popular thanks to its normal journey that connects the north to the south and it is also well known as a punctual train in India. It has worked on Indian railways for more than 30 years now. 

  • Flying Ranee

Flying Ranee is one of India's fastest trains, running on daily service from Mumbai to Surat for an average journey of 4 hours 43 minutes. It is a very old train service that was introduced to Indian Railways in 1906 but the service was discontinued during the world war. This long time of running makes Flying Ranee one of the most popular trains in India. 

  • Bhopal shatabdi express

Bhopal shatabdi express is considered as the second-fastest train in India with an average speed of 100 km/h, while the top speed is 155 km/h. The train has connected New Delhi and Bhopal Habibganj for 29 years.

Bhopal shatabdi express gives more comfortable train journeys because of its big evolution compared with most of other Indian trains. The coaches are fully equipped with air conditioner and many other services such as snacks, meals, coffee and tea are included.

Planning to travel to India

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