What are the advantages of a train journey in India ?

What are the advantages of a train journey in India ?

Traveling by train in India is a unique experience. In many ways, traveling by train across India allows you to discover the Indian lifestyle and culture. To really know India, taking a train ride is a must. Whether you're traveling from one region to another, or for just a few miles away, the ride will inform you a lot about the country, which is fascinating.

The main advantages of the train

The train journey to India is very popular because it offers a multitude of advantages if compared to traveling by car or by bus. Here are some advantages:

  •  No parking problem
  •  No traffic jam
  •  The train leads to places which are inaccessible by car
  •  You can eat and drink along the way
  •  You can sleep along the way, feeling fresh and ready in the morning
  •  Saving more because you do not need to sleep at a hotel
  •  Meet nice people
  •  The atmosphere is friendly 

Information to know before taking a train ride in India

  •  All trains have names: In India each train has a name and a number, so you have a lot of directions to take your train. Sometimes the name is easy to understand, but in the depths of India you have to prepare for everything.
  •  Look carefully at the car number: On your tickets, you will see the wagon number that you must ride. Try to arrive early at the station as the number of your car will probably be written on signs from the wharf. Do not forget that the train in India is like Indiana Jones, your car may be in fact at the other end of the station.
  •  The train stations are always “packed”: This is a bit of the basic principle when you get back to a train station in India. Stations are always crowded with people waiting. Everyone sleeps on the ground a bit anywhere and you have to walk through the crowd to get into your train.
  •  Get off at the right place: It is important to watch the stations before you arrive at your stop. Trust your watch, an Indian train is rarely on time. Keep looking at the previous stations and especially, ask the other people in your wagon about the right place to get off. Show your station's name to your neighbor, but do not try to pronounce it.
  •  Tatkal: The Tatkal is a ticket which is available only 48 hours before the departure of the train. It is a percentage of the seats of the train which is reserved for those who need it at the last minute. It is important to be on time at the station because the places sell very quickly. If you are in a major station, a tourist office will probably operate everything for you. If the station is not important, ask a police officer to take you directly to the office; otherwise everyone will leave before you and you will never have your tickets.

India for the next holidays

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